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    FU uses an eclectic blend of classic instruments and top-of-the-line equipment to create their edgy, live sound.
Band Member:   Equipment they use:
Greg G has 2 axes he uses at each show. The first is a rare custom model called the Skeletar, a fan fave for GG's searing hott lixx. He purchased it directly from Steve Vai, and he plugs into a larger than life 8 watt Gorilla 1x6. Greg's second bad-boy (as yet unnamed) has its own built-in amp, which saves time when setting up for a gig, and really screams!  
Rob employs an arsenal of awesome basses. He calls them thunderstix. The first is a custom Yamaha cut-away which is half-fretted and half removed for a "funky alternative feel." He only has two strings on it now, but as he gets better, he'll put more on. The other one is simply known as "J.T." because Rob picked it out of (his neighbor) J.T.'s garbage back in '88.  

Kent has been experimenting with several different mics since he joined the FU, but has since settled on the professional Mr. Microphone II series. He saw it on TV. For larger venues, we break out the full PA for that stadium sound.  
Greg Y has been a student of exotic instruments and hott riffz since his early years and a collector as well. He currently has these axes with him at each show: The Hello Kitty has one DiMarzio high-gain double- humbucker with active electronics, and the custom 12 string "Billy," he drives through 13 Marshall half-stacks the FU road crew affectionately calls "the Wailing Wall."  


Chris uses a limited edition DW Muppet Drum kit with custom road case. On very rare occasions, he will break out the Fraggle Rock kit, one of only 3 in the world (absent from photo: hand-built hydraulic cage for 360 degree spinning action).


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